IT Professional

Why do I use the term IT professional to describe myself?

The short answer is because I've performed many of the roles in the IT industry from hardware repair, server and network administration and security, management, director, partner and owner. One thing I avoid is programming, I hate coding all day.

Currently I am pursuing an AAS in Network Adminstration and Security.

Keep reading for the long answer.

My entry into the IT world began with GEnie (General Electric Network for Information Exchange) and GEIS (General Electric Information Systems) as an Assistant SysOP (Systems Operator). eventually I moved to AOL Canada (America Online) in the same capacity.

After AOL I focused on hardware. I built, customized and repaired desktops, laptops, work stations and servers.

Along the way I became expert in printer repair. I repaired impact printers (daisy wheel, dot matrix, line), laser printers, thermal printers and dye sublimation printers.

Mixed in with hardware and printer repair was OS and software support including server and networking. Networking including running cable when required. Server OS and networking included making sure they were secure.

I've been the senior technician that other techs call when they need help. I've also designed and delivered a lot of training and mentoring.

I've gathered software requirements and specifications. I've designed software and user interfaces, including writing all of the pseudo code before handing it off to coders. I've created and conducted software, system and user acceptance testing. I've evaluated software for enhancements, suitability and to see if it met needs and requirements.

I've created ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002 and A-SPICE (Automotive Spice) Certified documentation. I've ensured that documentation was up-to-date and correct.

I've designed and improved processes, as well as ensuring that those processes and documentation met 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002 and A-SPICE certification requirements.

I do not program / code. The idea of pounding out code all day, every day, never appealed to me. I understand the logic, I'll do everything else but I hate the final step of coding.